Margins and Spacing settings for
Film, TV and Play scripts

Most of this book has described margins and spacing examples for movie and filmed TV scripts. We've mentioned that Sitcom, 1-hour Drama, and Play scripts have different margins and spacing settings. Now's the time to show you what those differences are.

I'll describe the different types of scripts so that you're clear about what to use when.  Then, click on the name of the format for an example and the margin settings.

FILM - Anything that's shot on film uses the film format. This includes movies, mini-series, movies-of-the-week (MOW's), and some 1-hour dramas.

SITCOM - Shows shot on video with 3-cameras - your basic 1/2-hour sitcom - uses Sitcom format

TV-2 - Some 1-hour dramas and other shows use a format that's a cross between Sitcom and Film. TV-2 is a name Scriptware uses.

PLAY - Theatrical play format is not what you see in a Samuel French book. This is a format used for Plays you're submitting to be read.