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The scriptwriter's word processor

Would you like to make 90% of the information in this book totally irrelevant? You can if you write with Scriptware.

Scriptware is the fastest, easiest way to get the story that's in your head onto the page in the format that Hollywood demands.

With Scriptware, there are no macros or special keystrokes, just Tab and Enter like a typewriter (but easier!). With Scriptware, you don't have to worry about page breaks, "more's" and "CONTINUED's" -- Scriptware takes care of all of that for you, automatically, on-the-fly, as you write. All you do is type and Scriptware does the rest.

You want to know how easy it is? Imagine this:

You need to type a character name and some dialogue. Just press <Tab>. Scriptware jumps to the Character Name location and pops up a list of all your characters. You press one key to select the character you want. Scriptware puts the name in, where it belongs, uppercase. Press <Enter> and Scriptware moves the cursor to where it belongs for Dialogue. Just write. Scriptware keeps the dialogue in the proper margins, with the proper spacing. It even capitalizes the first letter of a new sentence so you don't have to! And if the dialogue ends up breaking across a page, don't worry. Scriptware puts the page break where it belongs (and moves it when you edit your script later).

That's it. Two keystrokes plus the words in your head. With Scriptware, your creativity flows and your script is always perfectly formatted, ready to print, submit and sell.

And Scriptware does much more than that. It has hundreds of features designed to make your writing life easier and more powerful, like:

To get a Scriptware demo, click here.

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