Headers and Footers

A "Header" is some text that appears at the top of every page. A "Footer" is some text that appears at the bottom of every page.

Technically, for a script that's not in production, the Header only needs one thing -- the page number in the upper right corner. I suggest 1" from the right edge of the page.

You can put the page number in a number of different styles (use the same one for the entire script, though). The most common styles are :

Page X.           or, just           X.

That is:

Page 15.           or, simply           15.

Don't ask me why people use the period. I don't know. In fact, some people don't use it, but 99% do. Also, some people prefer left justifying the page number so that the first number is always in the same column on the page, regardless of whether the page number is one, two or three digits long. Others prefer right justifying so that the period is always in the same column, regardless of the number of digits.

If you're going to add something else to the Header, I would suggest the script's title and your name. So a complete Header in this style might look like:

"Mental Floss" - Steven Sashen                 Page 113.

The Header is 1/2" from the top of the page. The first line of the script is 1/2" below that, or 1" from the top of the page.

Don't use the Header on the first page of a script.

For some Sitcom, TV and Play scripts, the Header isn't used on the first page of a new Act and/or a new Scene. Also, in some TV and Play scripts, readers will expect an indication of what act and scene starts the page, with the Act Number in Roman numerals and the Scene Number in ordinal numerals or letters. For example, Act Two, Scene Three would be II/3.

Typically, the Act/Scene indicator is 2-3 inches from the right edge.

Again, I can only suggest that you use the style you prefer unless you have a specific reason to use a particular style.

Now, regarding Footers... I've never seen one used. So don't use them unless you know you need to.

With Scriptware

All you have to do is type the Header in one place and Scriptware automatically puts it where it belongs, on every page that needs it, with the proper numbering, margins, spacing, etc.