What Font do I use?

12 point, 10 characters per inch (horizontally).

End of story

You want to get your script into the trash faster than everyone else's? Use some font other than 12 point Courier. Do not use proportionally spaced fonts. Do not use sans-serif fonts. Do not use Helvetica or Times Roman. Use 12 point Courier (like the sample above).

The only time I've ever heard a passable justification for using some other font was when a writer said he was giving copies to some bankers who were deciding about financing the script and he thought another font was easier to look at (he was careful not to say "easier to read" because he didn't think the bankers would actually get past page 3).

Luckily, with Scriptware, you can do some neat font things. First, you can use whatever font you want on the screen so that if you don't like looking at 12 point Courier, you don't have to. Secondly, you can have Scriptware print in 12 point Courier, regardless of what font you're using on the screen.

Actually, you can have any TrueType font you want on the screen and print with that font or any other font, without changing anything in your script!