What do I do with my script?

Now that you've shown it instead of telling it, that you know the different elements and when and why to use them, that you put things where they belong and that you've bundled it up all nice and neat... what do you do?

I wish I could give you a list of names of people who will read your script, fall in love with it and send you a check that makes you forget about the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes entry that you just got. But I can't. Getting into the "how" of selling your script is another book entirely (and, in fact, if you look in bookstores, you'll find some of those books).

I will give you a push in a useful direction. There are a lot of clues in Written By. There are a number of great books in your bookstore about selling scripts to Hollywood (and other places, too). There are newsletters advertised in Writer's Digest, Premiere and Movieline magazines. An invaluable resource is The Writer's Computer Store. See what's happening at your local college or university. Look for and enter contests, like the Nicholl Fellowship. There are no rules for selling other than cashing the check once you've done it.

You have the best wishes of everyone here at Cinovation, the makers of Scriptware. We hope you're successful and live your most amazing dreams. We hope that this book helps you get there.

Finally, we hope that, if you haven't already, you see how Scriptware can make the journey even easier, unleashing your creativity and giving you...

...the freedom to create.